… expert hands process unique “bosses” …
for the future high fashion season!

and Assembly

… when professionalism and craftsmanship … make the difference!

Our business models, improved over time, allow us to increase competitiveness and optimize the performance that this market requires constantly.

A team of specialized seamstresses hand embroideries, thus giving elegance and taste to each garment.

From the expert hands of our tailors come to life what will be the leaders of the future seasons of high fashion.

The fabric is a very delicate and versatile material, that’s why our staff is highly specialized and qualified to make the garments designed by international stylists.


… qualified staff makes garments
designed by international stylists …

Forever Fashion S.r.l.

... happy to offer you our services for the creation of your product!

Request information on all our services or our production, fill out the contact form indicating your needs and the characteristics of the product to be created. You will be contacted by our staff who will respond to your requests to provide you with the solutions best suited to your needs.