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essential elements to create exclusive collections!


… automatic and manual

Thanks to our background, we know very well the fashion industry and the needs related to the development and production of different garments.

In our world, economic and social transformations are changing the way products are designed and manufactured.

To keep up with the constant changes and to create ever better products, we have invested heavily both in highly qualified personnel and in the latest machinery in order to guarantee impeccable precision.

Some phases of the cut include manual sartorial executions, while others are realized through the use of the latest version of the Lectra software.


…a process in constant evolution.

Forever Fashion S.r.l.

... happy to offer you our services for the creation of your product!

Request information on all our services or our production, fill out the contact form indicating your needs and the characteristics of the product to be created. You will be contacted by our staff who will respond to your requests to provide you with the solutions best suited to your needs.